Who We Are?


Vulnerable,marginalised children of Prisoners,street children and orphans deserve the right to be given a good, suitable conducive environment to enable them grow like normal children who have parents hence giving them a better future.


To promote and protect the rights and welbeing of children of incarcerated parents and other vulnerable children like Orphans and Street children.

Through educational empowerment and strengthening of family bonds between these children and their parents, we hope to give them a better future through our programs.

Our Objectives:

1. Support educational opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

2. Provide safe housing and essential care/needs.

3. Support psychological healing and self-development through vocational skills

4. Support communication and connection between vulnerable children and their incarcerated parents.

5. Disrupt the multi-generational cycle of recidivision and incarceration that frequently exists within justice involved families.